Co – Products

Alongside our sawn timber range, we also produce a number of co-products from the sawmilling process which provide the raw material to a number of timber related industries thus ensuring zero waste from the timber process. Throughout our process, production planning, scanning and optimisation technology is employed to maximise the sawn timber content or yield of each log.

Our Co – Products


All by-product from the milling process is separated on a multi layer shaker system, the sawdust is screened from the woodchip providing a raw material which is used in many applications. As wood products are increasingly used for biomass energy the demand for our sawdust and woodchip has increased. This raw material allows ECC to generate its own fuel source for use in our 5MW woodwaste boiler providing a renewable energy source for heating our Kiln Drying Process.

Bark and butt chip is sold to local companies, where it is mulched and used for landscaping and gardening projects.


Woodchip serves many uses from the production of MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) to the manufacture of door skins, it is an extremely versatile material. Woodchip is also used for the production of clean energy in CHPBiomass and the production of wood pellets. ECC debark all logs on the infeed to the mill thus virtually eliminating the bark content in our woodchip.

Shavings are a by-product of our planing process. Investment in a state of the art extraction system included two separate cyclones, a chain filter unit and conveyor system that transfers the shavings and dust separately from the planing line into a 500 m3 concrete bunker. The innovative re circulation of exhaust air from the cyclones into the chain filter leaves the shavings almost completely dust free whilst also protecting the environment from emissions of fine dust.

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